Synthetic Lawns from EPL Paving and Groundwork.     Synthetic grass and artificial lawns from EPL Paving.



EPL Paving and Groundwork specialise in the supply and installation of the best quality artificial grass.

Versatile and durable, ideal for lawns, gardens, landscapes, children’s play areas, caravans, roof gardens, balconies, verandas, hot tub landings and sports playing fields.


  • Great natural look
  • Child and Pet friendly
  • Latex backing
  • Pre punched for drainage
  • Water resistant
  • Ultra Violet Light resistant
  • Fantastic feel underfoot


Treat yourself to the ultimate low maintenance garden. No more mowing, feeding, weeding, muddy patches or even watering, if we get some warm weather. Requires only sweeping and occasional cleaning with hose or power hose. It can be cleaned hygienically with a mild detergent to keep that real look and feel.

The quality of synthetic grass for artificial lawns and playing surfaces has come a long way since the original Astroturf. It now looks and feels real as it has been designed to mimic real grass with long and fine yarns in u shaped twine.


Conic Artificial Grass.              Endric Synthetic Lawn.



  • Endrick. Pile Height 25 mm. Colour – olive and field green.
  • Conic. Pile Height 40 mm. Colour – olive, field green and beige.
  • Falloch. Pile Height 20 mm. Colour – olive, field green, beige and dark brown.
  • Lomond. Pile Height 30 mm. Colour - olive, field green, beige and dark brown.
  • Montrose. Pile Height 10 mm. Colour – army green. Ideal for exhibitions, caravans, roof terraces and small balconies.     

  Lomond Artificial Grass.                     Falloch Artificial Turf.


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Before installing a new synthetic lawn.   New artificial lawn installed.


Here are before and after photo's showcasing the benefits of installing a new artificial lawn from EPL PAVING.


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